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Ankita Lokhande Witnessed Mumbai's Storm

In the recent thunderstorm that hit Mumbai, Ankita Lokhande, known for her appearance in 'Bigg Boss 17' and 'Pavitra Rishta,' shared her experience from her 19th-floor apartment. Her reaction, captured in a photograph, shows her with an expression of surprise and shock as she points out towards the stormy scene unfolding outside her balcony. The skies appear a menacing shade of grey, heavily laden with clouds, suggesting the severity of the storm. This atmospheric tumult is a mix of rain, storm, and dust swirling together, creating a dramatic view.

Ankita witnessed strong thunderstorm in Mumbai

The backdrop shows high-rise buildings and dense urban sprawl typical of Mumbai, partially obscured by the dark, dust-filled winds. Despite the usual vibrancy associated with the city, the scene looks quite grim due to the weather's intensity.

Ankita, dressed in a casual, purple tie-dyed sweatshirt and with a pink cast on her wrist, adds a pop of color to the otherwise dark and moody ambiance.

The rains and gusty winds have lashed various parts of Mumbai and neighboring metropolitan areas, disrupting normal life and causing injuries in several incidents. Additionally, the sudden rain and strong winds have affected transportation, with flights being diverted and trains delayed due to poor visibility. Aviation weather reports indicated wind speeds reaching up to 55 kmph, gusting even higher, which explains the severe conditions visible from Ankita's apartment.

This situation in Mumbai highlights the challenges posed by such sudden natural events, impacting daily routines and causing considerable distress. Ankita Lokhande's social media update not only shares a personal moment of experiencing this phenomenon but also raises awareness about the weather's unpredictability and its tangible effects on a bustling metropolis like Mumbai.


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