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Artistic Fusion: Naqiyah Haji Channels Nina Dobrev's Magic

She revealed that her character draws inspiration from Nina Dobrev's portrayal in the American series 'Vampire Diaries.' Naqiyah expressed, "Our show's concept is very unusual, and it's the first time that the Indian audience will experience something of this nature. With fictional characters, supernatural powers, and a unique storyline, it bears a resemblance to the American show 'Vampire Diaries.' My character, Nikki, mirrors Nina Dobrev's character, where the line between good and bad becomes blurred. Similarly, Nikki enters a new world where the boundaries between good and bad are not so clear for her. Nina's character was adored by many, and I hope the viewers will shower the same love on Nikki and the show."

Naqiyah shared, "Being my debut, bagging the lead role fills me with immense joy. I’m very thankful to the makers of the show who provided valuable guidance on Nicki's character and cast me, acknowledging my potential for this role and giving me this wonderful opportunity

Update: Naqiyah Haji's Role Revelation in 'Shaitani Rasmein

She further added, “My character Nikki, despite her innocence, simplicity, and commonality, displays remarkable courage. The character of Nikki embodies inspiration, and I hope her character strikes a chord with the audience as she embarks on this very unusual journey. The show's distinctive storyline, weaving together mystery, romance, thriller, and emotions, ensures a captivating.”

"Shaitani Rasmein" promises a distinctive blend of suspense, fantasy, and romance, offering the audience a fresh and intriguing viewing experience. The stellar cast and the show's unique concept have already generated considerable excitement among viewers.

Don't miss the captivating tale as it unfolds on Star Bharat, starting January 15, 2024. Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions in the world of 'Shaitani Rasmein


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