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Founding Fathers of the food Farmers Day

Hello everyone welcomes back another article tips and trick where you find some extraordinary tactics to deal with daily life today, we are talking about Farmer's Day in India.

everyone is about to facilitate and address the problems and solutions for farmers.

Agriculture is the priority in India because 75% of the population depends on that particular sector food our priority and our cattle farming is also necessary so many startups are coming forward related to agriculture and cattle farming so we have to respect those who are engaged in this sector since they are born in that particular family which did very marvellous work in the sector from generation to generation we saw in the pandemic coronavirus how this sector gives us necessary food and daily needs so we have to do something for that particular sector if we did like growing plants you can saw every student essay but you can't date in your daily life because every person have to their own work and commitments.

Controversy related onion when Nirmala Sitharaman Finance Minister of central government of India when she said I didn't eat onion this type of controversy is related to some another topic but this type of **** is very unnecessary in the daily life if you are such a big post your words should be redefined.

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