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In the midst of the Porsche crash controversy, two Pune students are killed in another hit-and-run case.

In yet another tragic incident in Pune, two engineering students were killed after a truck knocked them, the police said on Tuesday. The students were riding a motorcycle on Monday night when a truck hit the duo from behind.

According to the police, the driver of the truck, after hitting the vehicle, tried to flee but was caught after a brief chase. He has been arrested.

The hit-and-run case took place at 10.30 pm on Monday in Pune's Chandan Nagar area.

Three engineering students, all in their early 20s, were on their way to the Pune railway station on Pune-Ahmednagar road, the police said.

Two of the three students were heading to their hometown Latur in Maharashtra via a train.

The truck hit their motorcycle from behind. One youth died on the spot whereas the other died during treatment.

"While they were on the way, the truck hit their motorbike from the backside. A youth died on the spot, while another succumbed to injuries in a hospital," Vimaltal police station's inspector Anand Khobre told PTI.

The truck driver tried to escape. However, the police and locals stopped him 300 meters from the accident spot.

The truck driver was arrested and booked under Indian Penal Code section 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) and other relevant sections, the police said.

The tragedy took place amid the massive Porsche row. A 17-year-old boy knocked down and accidentally killed two techies earlier this week. He was caught but was let off with the condition that he would write an essay on road safety. After a massive furore, his bail was cancelled and he was sent to a reform home.

The boy had been driving his father's Porsche car shortly after drinking alcohol in two Pune bars. The police later arrested the owners of the bars, and the minor accused's father.

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