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Indian Startup Unveils First Indigenous Microcontroller Chip

In a significant technological breakthrough, Mindgrove Technologies, a startup incubated at IIT Madras, has launched its first microprocessor chip.Labeled. 'Secure IOT,' it is touted as the first microprocessor chip designed, owned, and marketed from India.The system-on-chip (SoC) has arrived from Taiwan and passed preliminary testing.It is now ready for integration into smart electronic devices and targets electronics manufacturers, original design manufacturers (ODMs), and other mid-market customers in India and overseas.

Chip details

Secure IoT chip promises high performance, competitive pricing

Secure IOT chip boasts a RISC-V architecture that delivers high performance with a clock speed of 700MHz.Although the exact pricing details are yet to be disclosed, it is anticipated that the chip will be 30% cheaper than similar products currently in the market.Sharan Jagathrakshakan, co-founder of Mindgrove Technologies, confirmed that initial samples of the chip are being testing on their 'bring up' board."The actual compute core and the basic systems of the chip now work," he stated.

Market impact

Indian chip to streamline supply chains

Once agreements are finalized, customers will have the option to use an Indian chip in their products instead of importing them from China or Western countries.This could simplify supply chains by collaborating with an Indian partner, as highlighted by another co-founder TR Shashwath.The Secure IOT chip is designed for deep embedded applications such as smart fans, speakers, wearables, smart city devices, and access control systems.

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Triumph amid adversity

Mindgrove received first chip early

Despite challenges such as a recent earthquake in Taiwan and geopolitical restrictions, Mindgrove received its first chip nearly a year ahead of schedule.The founders attribute their early success to the supportive IIT Madras ecosystem and their commitment to maintaining a simple design.They also have financial backing from venture capital firm Peak XV Partners among others."If we do succeed, I hope this inspires more people to get into deep tech product building," said Jagathrakshakan.


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