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"Karwa Chauth 2023 FAQs: Everything You Need to Know"

"Significance of Karwa Chauth 2023: A Complete Guide

Eat Healthy Before Fast: Before the fasting starts, it's important to eat a healthy meal. That's because it will help you feel full for longer periods of time and give you energy. It’s difficult to observe a 'nirjala' (no-water) fast the whole day, so eat well during Sargi. Include protein and carbohydrate-rich food items in your Sargi meal. Also, before the fasting begins, drink lots of water. It’s very important to stay hydrated. Don't drink coffee or tea because they can cause an upset tummy.

Get Gifts for Mother-in-law: Married women additionally give gifts or special items to their mothers-in-law. It's known as "Baya." It can be clothes, jewellery, gift hampers or anything of their choice. It is just a cute gesture of showing love and admiration.

Evening Ceremony: In the evening, there's a special ceremony where married women come together and pray. They sit in a circle and rotate their Karwa Chauth thali in a circle and sing traditional songs related to this festival. They also listen to stories about Karwa Chauth. It's a very important part of the day.


No Hair or Nail Trimming: It's not an excellent idea to cut your hair or nails on this day because this day is very auspicious. It is believed that trimming nails or hairs attracts negative energy.

No Fasting For Pregnant Women: If you are to be a mother, you shouldn't fast on Karwa Chauth. It's not good for you or the baby. You need to eat well and stay healthy because an empty stomach can really hamper you. Nevertheless, take advice from your doctor.

Avoid Non-Vegetarian Food: On this day, after completing your fast try not to eat non-vegetarian food. It's a day to eat pure vegetarian food. Also, non-vegetarian food is quite heavy and eating heavy food after staying on an empty stomach the whole day can upset your digestive system.

Avoid Conflicts: Avoid arguments and conflicts because they can attract negativity. It’s very important to stay calm and maintain good vibes at home during puja and festivals. So, try to maintain a happy atmosphere at home during this auspicious day.

"Karwa Chauth is a special day of love, fasting, and celebrations. It's all about making your married life happy and wishing for your husband's long life. It's a day to cherish the beautiful moments of your married life and enjoy happy moments with family. Remember and follow these dos and don'ts to make your day more special," advises Gurudev Shrie Kashyap.

Karwa Chauth 2023 FAQs

Astrologer Gurudev Shrie Kashyap shares the following details:

Q. When will the moon rise on Karwa Chauth 2023?

A. The moonrise time is at 8:15 pm in most cities of India.

Q. Are there any specific dress codes on Karwa Chauth?

A. No, you can wear anything of your choice. But many women choose to wear traditional attire like saree and salwar suit and opt for bright colours.

Q. What's the puja time on Karwa Chauth 2023 from sunrise?

A. Puja Muhurat is from 5:36 am to 6:54 pm.


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