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PM Modi's Critique of Nitish Kumar's Birth Control Remark"

DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday slammed Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar for his objectionable remarks on how educated women can help in birth control made on the floor of the assembly yesterday. The Prime Minister also targeted the anti-BJP opposition bloc INDIA for not objecting to the remarks of Bihar chief minister. Nitish Kumar has since apologised for his remarks.

A big leader of the INDI alliance, 'Ghamandiya Gathbandhan' used such indecent language inside the assembly yesterday that it is beyond imagination. They are not even ashamed. Not one leader of the opposition alliance has said a single word against it. People who think like this about women, can they do anything good for them? Will they ever respect women?" PM Modi said at a rally in Madhya Pradesh without directly naming the Bihar chief minister.

Nitish Kumar on Tuesday stirred a row as he tried to explain graphically on the floor of the assembly the role of women's education in birth control. The CM used exaggerated hand gestures and vivid language to describe how an educated married girl could ask her husband to not complete the sexual act to ensure she does not get impregnated. His remarks evoked strong reactions from the BJP leaders who accused the Bihar chief minister of disrespecting women.

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