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Stylish Essentials: Belts Dominate 2024 Fashion Trends

It is time to fasten your fashion seatbelts!

Everything belted is the style mantra making its strong presence felt in the fashion landscape across the world.

The belt, a humble accessory which was initially viewed as a purely utilitarian object to hold up trousers, has emerged as the unsung hero of style transformations.

rom your corporatecore pantsuits to winter-perfect overcoats, glamorous gowns and the good old saree, just cinch anything with a belt and it will elevate the style quotient of your outfit.

The recently concluded fashion extravaganza in Paris set the trend record straight: belts are in.

Belts take over Paris

From Schiaparelli to Valentino and Jacquemus, luxury fashion brands infused belts into their new collections presented in the fashion capital. The versatility of belts as a fashion accessory stood out too. Valentino's showcase at the Paris Fashion Week 2024 witnessed belts being used in everything from overcoats and trousers to jumpsuits.

Stylish Essentials: Belts Dominate 2024 Fashion Trends

Broad or sleek, all is in till it is belted.

When Naomi Campbell walked the ramp for Balmain, it was her dramatic chunky gold belt that stole the show. The metallic number resembled a pair of hands holding a gilded bouquet of flowers.

Low-slung crisscross belts took centre stage at Louis Vuitton's Ready-to-Wear Spring show held in Paris in October 2023.

Celebrities can't get over their belts

Celebrities were also in evident unison with the top designers' nod to the belts in Paris.

Rihanna made a remarkable appearance at the Dior show in a puffed black skirt and a blazer jacket. The look was put together with a black belt, resulting in an unabashed mob wife look

When Riri does it, you cannot overlook it.

Even Jennifer Lopez put forth a perfect first-row look in a belted gown at the Elie Saab showcase. The petal-laden cape was sure the cynosure of her look, but that metallic belt with floral festoons also stood out really well.

Belt it up like Bollywood

Closer home in India, celebrities are embracing belts in their versatile glory.

Take a styling lesson from Shilpa Shetty, who accentuated her all-white pantsuit with a contrasting black belt featuring a beauteous red floral buckle.

The statement belt hails from Rahul Mishra's pret label AFEW.

If you thought belted sarees and lehengas were out of vogue, you are mistaken. Kiran Rao rocked a red saree during Ira Khan's wedding celebrations. A black corset belt was her pick to give the six yards of elegance a modish twist.

Fashionista Sonam Kapoor approves of the belt fever gripping the fashion world. For her outing in Paris for Dior, the actress teamed her black skirt and shirt set with a harness belt.

Broad belts can also turn your monotone dress into a noteworthy fashion moment. Opting for an experimental number will help.

And, here's Deepika Padukone showing you how a sleek belt can work its charm in breaking the monotony of an all-black dress.

Designers weigh in

Designers are also of the opinion that belts are here to stay and are rooting for the constant evolution of this functional accessory into a high-fashion statement piece.

"The use and styles of belts have evolved and it's considered to be one of the most important accessories to style the outfit. From simple leather straps to intricate designs, it has become an essential part of the wardrobe," says Delhi-based designer Sameer Madan.

"There are so many different styles available in the market, from chunky belts to chain belts, bold buckles to colourful designs. With the statement belts, we can add a touch of personality and uniqueness to the look," he adds.

"Belts have undergone a remarkable transformation, shifting from simple functional accessories to statement pieces. Particularly in India, the emphasis has turned towards intricate embroidery, transforming belts into canvases for showcasing local crafts," says Nivesh Pandey, chief strategy officer of luxury fashion house Purple Style Labs.

Belts and their ethnic makeover

Belts are not just a contemporary accessory any more, but are also elevating ethnic ensembles. The fusion belts, unlike the traditional kamarbandhs, are more versatile and fit the modern-ethnic appeal well.

We have seen so many celebrities rock their sarees and gowns with the OG Sabyasachi belts.

Owing to the growing craze for belted sarees, a label called One Minute Saree has specially introduced a belt category on their website.

"Although we are purely a saree brand, we have introduced a 'belts' section on our website and have been increasing our selections in this category. We have recently introduced ready-to-wear sets that come with matching belts, and they've been a hit," Sasha Revankar, founder of One Minute Saree tells India Today.

"Earlier we had kamarbandhs to pair with sarees, which are sort of a jewellery ornament around the waist. Now, we are seeing all sorts of belts worn with sarees from sequins to leather, and they give a fun and funky look while also enhancing the waistline," Sasha adds.

Nivesh Pandey notes that Indian designers have embraced this trend by incorporating embroidered belts, not only for traditional outfits but also for more casual pieces like kaftans.


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