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Suchi Sharma Distributes Buttermilk Amid Delhi Heatwave, Viral Video Garners 890K Likes

As Delhi struggles with scorching summer and temperatures soar above 45 degrees in the nation's capital, an Instagram user decided to do a good deed. Member of an NGO called 'For A Cause Foundation', Suchi Sharma showed kindness by giving packets of chilled buttermilk to workers who were working in the sweltering Delhi summer heat.

The video shows Sharma stopping by a construction site in the nation's capital in the film, she politely asks the workers if they would like some buttermilk. The employees are then graciously given packets by her, giving them some respite from the heat. She may also be seen playing, socialising, and cheering up kids later in the film. 

As she shared the video on her personal Instagram handle, Suchi captioned it: “Let's unite with compassion in this severe heatwave." Suchi also added the bank details of the NGO for donations.

Internet users are pleased by the woman's deed of compassion; they have expressed gratitude to her for it and encouraged others to follow in her footsteps. 

One user said, ''This isn't a reel, it's a gesture of humanity.'' One person said, "Talk about the sacrifice she made by going out in that heat and doing that; forget about the money she spent."

"May God bless you and others who cannot do the same, try just offering a glass of water to the guy who comes to deliver, the bhaji wale bhaiya or didi who sells bhaji at your neighbourhood or comes to the doorstep, and try keeping a big flat bowl with water outside for animals to drink," remarked the third person.

A few people prayed, "May God protect all of them who truly work hard in this heat," for the labourers as well.

Suchi has shared multiple videos on Instagram of her offering cool buttermilk to animals and labourers during Delhi's heat waves.

In Delhi on Wednesday, a 40-year-old labourer is said to have passed away from heatstroke. On Sunday, IMD issued a heatwave alert for Delhi till June 3.

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