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T20 World Cup: Rohit Sharma on Pandya

DELHI: The premature exit of the Mumbai Indians from the IPL 2024 playoff race wasn't unexpected, as the team struggled to find its rhythm under new leadership. Amidst the turbulence, former Australia captain Michael Clarke offered insights into the dynamics between Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma, shedding light on their relationship amidst speculation of discord.

Clarke's observations provided a nuanced perspective on the situation. Despite the team's challenges, he highlighted Rohit Sharma's character and leadership qualities, expressing confidence in Sharma's ability to support Pandya during trying times.

Clarke remarked on the Around the Wicket podcast, "Knowing Rohit Sharma, he will wrap his arms around Hardik Pandya. That shows the character that Rohit is. He is the Indian captain and trust me… he wants to win that World Cup."

Clarke's belief in Sharma's influence extended to Pandya's selection in India's T20I World Cup squad, suggesting Sharma's power and say in team selection.

He emphasized, "If the beef between Rohit and Hardik was as strong as people think, Hardik wouldn't be in that World Cup campaign. The Indian captain has that much power."

While acknowledging the potential division within the Mumbai Indians camp, Clarke recognized Pandya's talent and Sharma's support for him. Despite Pandya's subdued performance in the IPL, Clarke underscored his potential to excel on the international stage, especially with the T20 World Cup approaching.

"I think while there are obviously issues with how Rohit was released from his duties as captain of Mumbai Indians, I don't think that will affect their friendship, selection or Rohit Sharma. He will make sure Hardik is as focussed as possible. As long as Hardik is performing, Rohit knows how important he is for that Indian team," Clarke added.


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