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Tech Forecast: Samsung Redefines Tomorrow with Tizen and Ecosystem Features

Tech Forecast: Samsung Redefines Tomorrow with Tizen and Ecosystem Features

Personalized Tizen OS and Revamped TV Plus Interface

The new 2024 Tizen OS emphasizes personalization through AI, enabling customized content and services for household members through individual profiles on their smart TVs. Samsung has revamped its TV Plus interface with a redesigned home screen for improved navigation and faster content discovery. It now connects with Samsung accounts, offering personalized content recommendations and convenient access to preferred channels based on viewing history.

Gaming Enhancements and Updated Ecosystem

In gaming, Samsung has partnered with Performance Designed Products (PDP) to release a specially designed wireless controller for the Samsung Gaming Hub. This controller boasts features like a built-in rechargeable battery with 40 hours of playtime, a 30-foot Bluetooth connection, and dedicated buttons for gaming and TV volume control.

Samsung’s updated ecosystem revolves around connected and inclusive experiences, with Samsung Daily+ serving as a central hub. It combines personal training, telehealth services, video calls, and remote PC solutions. Among the new additions are the Workout Tracker, TechnoGym and F45 fitness content, FlexIt live fitness sessions, and Tail veterinary consultations.

Seamless Connectivity and Accessibility Features

Samsung introduces connectivity features including Multi Control, enabling users to manage multiple screens with one Bluetooth keyboard or mouse for improved work-from-home efficiency. The latest Samsung TVs also enhance compatibility across devices, simplifying seamless connections between TVs, smartphones, and wearables.

The company also introduces the SmartThings Mobile Plugin, turning smartphones into versatile remotes for new apps and services. They also extend the 360 Audio feature to TVs for immersive audio experiences, and Vibrary allows users to enjoy high-quality images and music from both their TV and mobile devices.

Samsung prioritizes accessibility with innovative features such as Audio Subtitle, which uses AI and OCR to provide voice-guidance for embedded subtitles directly on the TV. They also offer the Remote for Barrier Free app to aid users with disabilities and introduce the AI-powered Relumino Together Mode to assist those with low vision.

Overall, Samsung‘s 2024 TV lineup and Tizen OS updates offer a more personalized, connected, and inclusive home entertainment experience. With a focus on gaming, fitness, and accessibility, Samsung is making its TVs the center of the smart home.


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