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The Onion Market in Delhi-NCR: What's Happening?

Delhi and national capital region shot up touching ₹70 to 60 per kilogram as opposed to the price of staple vegetable that are being sold at ₹30 to 50 per kilogram. The price of onion is likely to touch ₹100 per kilogram by November first week.

Onion price making a sudden uptick after the end of Navaratri celebrations raised eyebrows of both consumers and vendors. According to government data, the maximum price of onions has surged to around ₹70 per kilogram. This upward trend is likely to continue till December.

The central ministry said the onion is being offloaded from the buffer stock in both wholesale and retail markets in states where there is a sharp rise in prices. Since mid-August, about 1.7 lakh tonne of buffer onion has been offloaded in 22 states at different locations

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