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Who Is Daksh Chaudhary? Meet the 'Gau Rakshak' Who Slapped Kanhaiya Kumar

Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress candidate for North East Delhi seat, was attacked during an election campaign on Friday. An individual slapped Kumar under the pretext of putting a garland around his neck and also threw ink at him. A video of the incident quickly went viral on social media.

In the video of the attack that went viral, a person is heard saying that "Kanhaiya pitne waala hai" (Kanhaiya is going to be thrashed). Just after he says this, a youth in a black T-shirt, with a garland in his hands reaches near Kanhaiya and suddenly slaps him on the face. Following the attack, the perpetrators released a video on social media claiming responsibility and stating, "We have taught him a lesson."

According to local reports, the main attacker, identified as Daksh Chaudhary, calls himself a Hindu Raksha Dal official and a staunch 'Gau Rakshak'. All his pictures are viral on social media where he is sometimes seen with weapons and sometimes with BJP leaders.

He along with his accomplice, posted a video boasting about their actions. The attacker said, "We responded to Kanhaiya Kumar, who chanted slogans like 'India will be divided' and 'Afzal, we are ashamed, your killers are alive,' by slapping him."

The attacker further proclaimed, "No one can divide India as long as people like us are alive." His accomplice added, "We will not let him enter Delhi. He defames Indian soldiers by calling them rapists." The video ends with both men chanting slogans like "Bharat Mata Ki Jai," "Indian Army Zindabad," "Gaumata Ki Jai" and "Jai Shri Ram."

Chaudhary was previously accused of inciting communal tension by entering a mosque wearing footwear. He was earlier arrested in February by Ghaziabad Police for conspiring to spoil the atmosphere of a Mosque. There was an FIR registered against him by DCP Trans Hindon Commissionerate Ghaziabad under IPC sections 151A, 295, 295A, 323, 504 and 506. He was also be seen with BJP MP Manoj Tiwari in one of the viral pictures, raising suspicions over Tiwari's involvement in the attack on Kanhaiya.

Following the attack, Congress directed sharp criticism at the BJP. Congress leaders alleged that the attacker had links to certain BJP leaders, citing photos of him with BJP members. They accused the BJP of orchestrating the attack on Kumar.


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