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Entertaining Elegance: Impressing Guests with Culinary Delights on New Year's Eve

The countdown for 2024 has already begun. With the new year just 10 days away, it is time to put in motion all the preparations for the celebration. If you are planning on throwing a house party for your friends and family, and wish to make it a memorable one, getting food choices right is paramount. 


To get you the right options that ensure a perfect blend of flavours, Mid-day Online reached out to chefs who recommend dishes — from cocktails to desserts, that are best to be served at house parties.

Impress Your Guests with Culinary Entertaining on New Year's Eve


Let Me Get Some

This cocktail is a great way to incorporate seasonal fruit in party cocktails to compliment the winter season with New Year’s celebrations.  



Fresh orange chunks - quantity as desired

Fresh basil leaves - a handful

Homemade orange puree - 1 cup 

Top-up ginger ale - as needed



1. In a cocktail shaker, combine fresh orange chunks, fresh basil leaves, and homemade orange puree, and top up with ginger ale


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