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Surat Diamond Bourse: Epicenter of the Global Diamond Industry

Surat Diamond Bourse, set to become a global diamond trading hub, has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday. What makes the Surat Diamond Bourse special is that it has bagged the title of being the world’s largest office building!

PM Narendra Modi has called the Surat Diamond Bourse a major boost to the diamonds industry. The ‘Customs Clearance House’, Jewellery Mall and facility of International Banking and Safe Vaults will be significant parts of the Bourse, he said in a post on X (formerly Twitter). We take a look at some stunning facts about Surat Diamond Bourse

Surat Diamond Bourse: Top Facts

1. For 80 years, Pentagon claimed the title for the world’s largest office building. At 67,28,604 sqft carpet area, the Surat Diamond Bourse exceeds the Pentagon's area of 66,73,624 sqft by almost 55,000 sqft.

2. The Surat Diamond Bourse is set to become the world's largest and most advanced hub for the international diamond and jewellery trade.


3. Functioning as a global centre for both rough and polished diamonds, along with jewelry, the bourse will encompass cutting-edge facilities, including a Customs Clearance House for Import-Export, a retail jewelry section in the Jewellery mall, and provisions for International Banking and Safe Vaults.

4. Despite its vast size, navigating between its 15-story towers is said to be a breeze, taking less than six minutes to reach any top-floor corner using the 131 elevators, all managed by a sophisticated control system


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