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The Most Anticipated Series of 2024

The Sympathizer - HBO

Based on the book of the same name by Viet Thanh Nguyen, 'The Sympathizer' is HBO's new miniseries, directed by renowned South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-Wook and with Robert Downey Jr in the cast. The story follows a communist agent who moves to California at the end of the Vietnam War, taking on the role of consultant for North American films about the conflict.

Squid Game (Season 2) - Netflix

Finally, the second season of one of the most watched series in Netflix history will arrive in 2024. Still without many details about the new plot, the only thing we know is that Gi-hun will be back!

The Regime - HBO

One of the most anticipated series of this politically important year is the satire of a fictional European country with Kate Winslet as its leader.

Dune: The Prophecy - HBO

Scheduled to premiere between October and December 2024, this series, which is a spin-off of 'Dune' (2021), takes place 10,000 years before the events portrayed in the film, focusing on the Bene Gesserit and their formation by the Harkonnen Sisters.

House of the Dragon (Season 2) - HBO

The second season of this spin-off of 'Game of Thrones' had its trailer released in December 2023. 'House of the Dragon' focuses on the Targaryen family, 170 years before the events of the original series. The premiere is scheduled to take place between June and August 2024.

Bridgerton (Season 3) - Netflix (May 16 and June 13, 2024)

Season 3 of this series of luxury and forbidden love will have two parts and will revolve around the blossoming romance between Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).

Fallout - Amazon Prime (April 2024)

Prime's new original series is an adaptation of the video game of the same name, set in a post-apocalyptic reality from the 1950s. From the same creators of 'Westworld', the plot will follow young Lucy, played by Ella Purnell, on dangerous missions.

The Boys (4th Season) - Amazon Prime

All available information about the fourth season of 'The Boys' was revealed in the trailer released by the streaming service in December 2023. The plot will involve Homeland Captain in the courts, and new heroes. As usual promises a big dose of blood and chaos.

The Penguin - HBO

Scheduled to be released between June and August 2024, this series derived from the film 'Batman' (2022) focuses on the villain Oswald Cobblepot, The Penguin, played by Colin Farrell, as he rises through Gotham's underworld, transforming into a criminal tycoon.

Arcane (Season 2) - Netflix (November 2024)

To the delight of fans, the release date for the second season of 'Arcane' has already been announced, after two years of waiting! The episodes are set in the universe of the game 'League of Legends'.


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