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Weekend workshop and many more let's get straight into this 2024 jan- feb

Seriously, I don't have any resolution for this year 2024 because I don't make any commitments yes I know I'm lacking somewhere which I want to Polish I did graduation in journalism I am good at what I write I used to very nervous when I was supposed to tell everyone hello you're watching itv network just kidding these guys saved me from those who gave me compliments like your face is not good let's move this just listen to me what I'm gonna tell you this kind of workshop gave you the right exposure in the ncr if you are waiting for so long what to do or just scrolling the social media like a hell but you don't know what to do so listen to me itv networks connecting the dots you're really connecting me to my journalism career add some valuable points which I mentioned in this article that doesn't mean this is right you have to go inquire every step then invest your hard money.

So I scroll a social media lot while I'm not working like any other guy on social media user so I think I can Polish myself to more to do in this journalism journey I know I'm pretty good at what I do in writing so there is a misconception around journalism if you are not confident what you speak you only write and I can do both so there is a facility help me a lot.

So two points which I mention first of all expression are very bad and second one is I'm not that much confident which all of 19 other anchors did like a pro some have very nice voice some have**** base like I'm that guy who speaks very low but I have facts and figure so I can manage all of that I used to go unscripted because that's my way to present myself I used to present a few topics in this workshop like unfiltered film works which some people think it's boring but I am just like a person who go unscripted because there is no philtre if I have some facts and figures about any industry or any other work believe me you are having a right person because I know the authors of pain what kind of pain we have reject lot of articles in my career's so I know how to present myself like a pro and I wanted to Polish myself I also Claustrophobic I'm like dead inside sometimes what to do there are many good anchors in this arena but I had to do something and I'm on the way when I achieve some very fruitful achievements.

Right-hand side Aarti Bhatt

So you can learn more things when you come take one school of communication in this small six week and workshop arti Bhatt mam try to do a constructive criticism to do more such recordings I like the positive attitude which easily can handle 20 anchors in the class same time you found relevant as soon as possible like I am that guy who enjoy the journey I don't know 19 anchors what they are thinking about this type of practical workshop I can attach what I do in this two month workshop like I know this is a very small time. But you learn if you have some of dedication tomorrow is my last class with these mentors I have ever worked with now I feel very attached like they give something very intense focus guidance.

Sir gave valuable time to 19 more students who willingly learn something in this workshop I know this is very small workshop which you can't decide what right but they are more dedicated to work and teaching something new because if you are having many movie projects in your pipeline and same time wanted to teach some students hardly this is no one can do in Bollywood or Hollywood and I don't know because I'm here at take one school of communication located in Kalash Colony if you are planning to learn something then go for it because I'm just a 24 year old journalist student who want to gain more valuable insights from mentors like some are waiting and some are on the way they are going to do some extra phenomenal work I wish best of luck take one school of communication and itv networks connecting the dots yes you are connecting me to my work which I lost in past few years you gain more knowledge let us know your thoughts about that kind of workshop like I am the guy who grabbed the opportunity and play like a hero so I am waiting many more opportunities as soon as possible learning is the only key to reduce stress anxiety and many more because you have to do something in your free time weekends are good but practical weekends also add some great value lessons in your life stay tuned with us


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